To create opportunities;
To build skills and mold the character of the young and;
Be the bridge so that the skills and opportunities become the future of hope and life.
A new generation of workforce.


"A Community in the Business of Service"
Sharing a common entrepreneurial pursuit; creating opportunities for productive use of skills and talents; promoting cooperation as a means to build economic interdependence.
By year 2015, we will be a major institution with mass based partners and members across the country providing livelihood , training, and value adding services and programs to communities and individuals – respected, benchmarked, and recognized in every locality we operate.


1. Our best is the minimum expected;
2. Organization's success is everybody's business
3. Transparency, honesty and integrity
4. Sharing is having the opportunity to share part of what we have; sharing is more than just giving;
5. The need for community is the reason for the business.

Who we are?

While the name is brand new in the industry, the persons that make up the institution have years of experience in senior leadership roles in the field of Human Resource, Finance/Business, Sales and Marketing, Restaurant Operations, Retail, and Supply Chain Management from big local and multinational companies.
It is founded on the principle of compliance and transparency in managing the business. Therefore, you expect the same professional and responsible conduct of our business transactions and dealings with our clients and members.

The Coop Advantage

Ease of Administration
No Frequent Turn - Over
Low Cost
More Productive / Efficient
Effective and Lower Cost of Labor

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